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Written by: Dean Harrison
Saturday, July 04, 2009  RssIcon

I use Dotnetnuke for every website I do, including my own. Dotnetnuke or DNN is a Content (or Web) Management System that ships with some powerful core modules including the blog module. While there are some pretty impressive blogging systems out there like Wordpress, I find them to be mainly for technical  types, and very few are WYSIWYG. I’ve dabbled with Joomla and Drupal too, but at the end of the day I find DNN to be the most suitable for all my needs. Of late I find myself using the DNN blog module more and more, after all blogging is a great way to quickly add content to your website, and when it comes to SEO content is king! I am typing this blog up in Windows Live Writer and once I’m done typing I simply push publish and it updates the blog on my website. I have wondered for some time how I would show only the most recent blog entry on my home page, while still having a full list of blog entries on the blog section of my site. It came to me more by accident than experiment, as I noticed on Andrew’s site ( that the blog on his home page was displaying different to the one in his blog section. It struck me that perhaps each instance of the actual blog throughout the site may have separate module options. They do! Its quite simple to do:

  • Add a copy of the blog module to the page you want only the latest blog to appear on. Make sure you copy the module from the existing blog page.
  • Edit the Module Options and change the Limit Recent Entries setting to 1.
  • You can play around with the summary lengths if you like, it’s probably better to show a bit more than you would on the blog entry list page.
  • Update the settings, and you should now have just the latest entry listed.

Clicking on Read more>> still navigates to the complete entry on the blog page, all you comment and social networking options will work as before.


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mmm ... interesting. Will play a bit with this info in the new week. I also need to play with the "parent - child" blog structure because I've identified 3 themes or threads that I want to start focussing on, as opposed to the odd, personal ramblings.

By Andrew on   Sunday, July 05, 2009

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