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Written by: Dean Harrison
Tuesday, June 23, 2009  RssIcon

Peter de Villiers’ comments about Springbok supporters being racist makes me chuckle to my self. Ricky Januarie was booed on Saturday when he knocked the ball on. Div made a comment about getting your car fixed by a black or by a white, basically implying that the crowd were racists. While I am sure there were some racists in the crowd I am amazed at how he knew it was only the whites that were booing! With such powers of perception no wonder “we” picked him to coach our national side. Although, he seemed to overlook the cheers for Habana and JP, and the roars of “B E E E E A S T” from the very same crowd, or perhaps that was only from the black, coloured and non-racist whites in the stadium. Puke Watson is often booed (and rightly so), is that racist too? What about Percy in days of old, he too fell foul of the crowds very vocal displeasure! I don’t deny that there are racists amongst the crowd, there will always be. But playing the race card each time something negative happens to a player of colour is pathetic. Div if you don’t like your job give it to a White, and I mean Jake White!!!


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My God, Dean Harrison no longer works for Pastel... :-)

Good to see you out on your own. Enjoy.

By Andrew Murphy on   Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey Andy,

How you bud? I left Pastel some years back now - Send my your email addy? What you up to?

By Dean Harrison on   Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well put...

I agree 100%.

If I was in the crowd, I would have probably boo'ed him too.

Not because I am the type of person who typically "boo's" at sporting events, not because I am a racist, but because any player who is given the honour of donning the Springbok jersey and repreenting SA should be able to take a catch like that with his (Or her, to be PC.) eyes closed regardless of the colour of his/her/it's skin/scales/feathers.)

By Marc Schatz on   Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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